On Tuesday, August 18th at 6:00pm MHS Laboratories picked up all Fair Oaks COVID 19 test samples that were performed earlier in the day. Last night at 9:45pm the last of our results came through. I am happy to report that Fair Oaks is COVID free at this time. All residents and all employees came back negative. We have a test result for every individual on file. I have registered our results with the State as required by the order from Governor Wolf. At the present time we do not have guidelines related to any future group testing. I would like to say that the sacrifices made by our residents and their families during this time of “no-contact”, coupled with our staff following all of our COVID protocols, lead to this successful result.

What is next? In my previous update dated August 4th I went into great detail regarding the next steps. Please review that email for the details. For the next 14 days, now that we have tested and are COVID free,  my staff and I will be fulfilling all of the “prerequisites” for proceeding to step 2. All written prerequisite protocols will be published on our website once they are complete. Please remember that even when we achieve completion of step 3 and we are permitted to “open”, this only means open to face to face visits in a neutral zone. You will still be required at that time to make an appointment to visit. Please understand that we sympathize with your frustration and are trying to do our best to remain in compliance and at the same time offer you the most time possible with your loved ones.