UPDATE 1/6/2021

Hello All,

  • Below is the memo from Roger Beck, Board President and myself. I am asking that all POA’s share this memo with your family members. I am distributing a copy to each resident, and each employee as well.
  • I have registered with both the County and State Departments of Health with regards to the vaccine. To date I have not received any information as to when Fair Oaks can expect distribution. Pennsylvania is still completing the distribution at Skilled Nursing Homes at this point. I am aware of some Personal Care Homes that received the vaccine, however they are all located on a campus that has a Skilled Nursing Facility on site. We are alone up here so it will take a little longer before we see distribution. As soon as I know you will know.
  • The face to face neutral zone visits continue. Families may make appointments through Alex to come to visit there loved ones “face to face” in our auditorium. For some this is the first time they have seen their family member since March. All are welcome…please EMAIL Alex at alex@fair-oaks.com (no text messages please)
  • At the present time we have zero residents and zero employees who have active COVID. Let’s hope and pray all remain healthy!
  • At the present time we have 52 residents at Fair Oaks, 6 are in skilled nursing for rehab services, 4 remain at home sheltering with their families.

Take Care Out There!



To: Fair Oaks Board of Directors 
      Fair Oaks Employees 
      Fair Oaks Residents/Resident Families 
From: Roger Beck – President of the Board of Directors 
          Desiree Gress – Executive Director 
Date: January 6, 2021 
Re: State of the Homes Message, January 2021 
As we embark on this New Yearthe Fair Oaks Management team must take time to reflect on our 
current status as to where we have been, where we currently are, and where we are going as we 
continue to manage our way through this period of pandemic uncertainty and into the future. 
The history of our community spans 140 years. Throughout this time, the community had to make 
changes in order to adapt and survive in a constantly changing landscape. Fair Oaks began its journey in 
1881 as an orphanage. Over time, as we experienced societal evolution and change, the orphanage 
became unsustainable. The construction of a new building to care for the growing aging population of 
the Congregational Church was completed in 1926. In the 1980’s, seven acres of the Fair Oaks property 
that included the orphanage building was sold to the Salvation Army for the operation of a birthing 
hospital and a home for unwed mothers. After 25 years, the Salvation Army ceased the operations of the 
home due once again to societal changes, it became unsustainable and was closedThe property was 
repurchased from the Salvation Army by Fair Oaks. The structures on the land were leveled and the 
property is now the home of our gazebo walking trail. The 1970’s once again brought change to the 
property with the construction of our six-story high rise to house and care for seniors in the Pittsburgh 
area. It remains today as the home of our Fair Oaks family. 
As we have experienced many times in the long history of the Congregational Homes and now Fair Oaks, 
we find ourselves at yet another crossroad. The unprecedented pandemic of 2020 has affected our 
entire country. No population has been more critically impacted than our seniors. Like many in our 
industry Fair Oaks has experienced a major decline in terms of our occupancy and therefore our income. 
Pre-Covid, Fair Oaks was operating at an average census of 95%. Today, we find ourselves operating at a 
60% occupancy rate. We know that until vaccine is available to all, we will continue to experience a 
decline in new admissions. Obviously, Fair Oaks can’t sustain further decline in our occupancy rate while 
maintaining our commitment to provide the highest possible level of care for all our residents. 
Therefore, it is appropriate that once again, in the interest of sustaining the mission of Fair Oaks, that we 
embark on yet another facet of our 140-year journey. In the interest of securing our future, we are 
committed to look at any and all potential opportunities that may currently exist. Over the course of the 
next few months, we will keep you informed as to any new developments related to the continuance of 
the 140-year tradition that is Fair Oaks.