UPDATE 2/15/21

Hello All,

I have had several emails with various questions regarding the future. I have decided to address everyone’s concerns with an update. The following points are answers to frequently asked questions:

  • The Fair Oaks Census is as follows:
    • Total Residents:    51      
    • Total Residents in the building:   45
    • Total Residents sheltering at home with their family:   2
    • Total residents in the hospital/skilled because of injury/illness:     3
    • One resident is living temporarily in another Personal Care Home
  • The second dose of the Moderna Vaccine will be distributed at Fair Oaks on Friday February 26th.  Two residents have opted out of receiving the COVID vaccine. Three of the residents who are out of the building have received the vaccine. We are not sure yet about the other three residents. About 50% of the staff have opted out of receiving the vaccine. We can report that some persons had a reaction to the first round of the vaccine. The reported reactions included some fevers, chills, achy muscles, and a headache. A few reported nausea and diarrhea. The issues lasted 24-48 hours.  The vast majority of people had zero symptoms from the first vaccine other than a sore arm.
  • It is NOT true that once both doses of the Vaccine have been distributed  Fair Oaks will be “open” for visits in the apartments and public spaces. We have not received any guidelines from the Governor’s office about this and I am not sure where folks are hearing this. We are instructed to remain closed to all non-essential persons. Until the restrictions are fully lifted, we are permitted to allow “neutral zone” visits in the auditorium. Those visits are to be scheduled through Alex.
  • Fair Oaks welcomed two new residents last month. We are in the process of accepting two more this month.  That being said, we are experiencing a challenging future with regards to our census. As previously mentioned, we are looking at options as they present to us in order to insure the continuation of the Fair Oaks mission. We will keep everyone informed of developments if and when they occur.
  • It has NOT been two years since the State Inspectors came to our building to do an inspection. The last time they were here was November 2018 which is only 15 months ago. Obviously they were not able to come in most of last year. We are expecting an inspection sometime in the spring once they can safely enter the community.
  • The main dining room is open to residents for all three meals. The resident are permitted to sit two to a table and are appropriately distanced. I am not able to sit the residents four to a table once the 2nd dose of the vaccine has been distributed. We are only permitted to do this once the restrictions are lifted by the Governor’s office. Please understand these are not arbitrary rules that were created by Fair Oaks they are guidelines and restrictions that are put forth by the State of Pennsylvania. We all hope for a lift of many of these restrictions in the very near future.

I hope this answers some of the questions that have been on the minds of our residents and family members. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any concerns you may have. We are all hoping for an early spring and getting back to normal this summer! Please keep us in your prayers.